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Mason Yi, licensed in both Texas and Georgia, brings a unique perspective to his practice, fueled by firsthand experience with the disruptive impact of sudden collisions and personal injuries. Understanding the overwhelming challenges individuals face in such situations, Mason is dedicated to providing guidance and support to navigate the complex and confusing legal processes. 

In addition to his legal expertise, Mason carries a passion for personal growth and achievement. In a former life, he pursued a career as a professional golfer, and that drive for excellence remains ingrained in his character. Off the fairways, Mason finds joy in spending quality time with his wife and their beloved pet turtle. 

Embedded in Mason’s core values is the belief that giving his best should be the standard in everything he does. The guiding principle of “Do It All, Do It Right, Do It Now” resonates deeply with him, not only as a foundational value of the firm but as a way of life. He commits himself wholeheartedly to serving the best interests of his clients, ensuring that their needs are addressed promptly and with utmost attention to detail. 


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