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Skilled Personal Injury Attorney in Austin, TX

A personal injury can impose losses ranging from severe physical pain and suffering to expensive medical bills. If another person is responsible for your injury, they owe you compensation for your financial, physical, and emotional damages. If you are looking for a skilled personal injury attorney in Austin, contact Daniel Stark Law. We can help recover compensation for your losses.

Personal Injury Types in Texas

Many types of personal injury accidents take place in Texas. A personal injury is any kind of damage done to you physically, financially, or emotionally due to another person’s negligence. Personal injury cases may include: Car or truck accidents, product liability, dog bites, premises liability, and medical malpractice, just to name a few. They are usually measured by the at-fault person’s failure to provide you with “duty of care” required by law in Texas. Get help from an auto accident attorney in Austin.

Duty Of Care Laws in Texas

According to Texas laws, everyone is responsible for a duty of care to others. It is the plaintiff’s job to establish this duty based on the relationship between two parties. For example, a doctor has a duty to patients, school teachers owe a duty of care to students, and even drug manufacturers must list warning labels and possible side effects as a duty of care, which is also imposed by law.

In a situation between two parties, each person owes it to each other to act in a safe manner and conduct themselves reasonably under any circumstances. When someone breaches this duty, it is established by what they did or did not do in a certain situation compared to what a sensible person would have done. Some examples that breach the duty of care are speeding, running a red light, driving impaired or recklessly, or violating other traffic laws. 

Damages That Can Be Recovered

For a person to receive compensation in a personal injury case, they must have suffered some kind of damages. Some examples of damages are physical injuries, financial losses, including loss of wages, property damages, or emotional distress suffered as a direct result of the accident. You can also recover losses that will take place in the future. This means that if you had injuries that will have future consequences and impact your life, you could be compensated for it now. If you need a personal injury attorney in Austin, contact us now.

Why You Need A Skilled Personal Injury Attorney in Austin or Other Parts of Texas

There is a lot more to getting compensation for personal injuries than the injured victim may be able to handle while also trying to recover from their injuries. Let Daniel Stark Law help. We will walk you through the process and handle everything for you to ensure you get the compensation you are owed.

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