As a motorcyclist, it’s important to do everything in your power to both reduce your risks of being involved in an accident and to reduce the severity of injuries if you do crash. That means always obeying the speed limit, never riding while intoxicated or impaired, and wearing protective gear whenever you ride.

But even the most cautious motorcyclists are still at high risk of being involved in at least one accident during their lives—especially if they ride often. That’s because many motorcycle crashes occur when riders least expect them. However, knowing these two common causes and being on the lookout for them can help riders get home safely:

  1. Left-turning vehicles – Whether they’re turning left at intersections or into parking lots, drivers are accustomed to looking for oncoming cars, trucks, and SUVs—not motorcycles. If you see a vehicle that’s turning left, you should always assume the driver doesn’t see you.
  2. Roadway dangers – Objects and obstacles that might be minor inconveniences for drivers can cause potentially fatal accidents for motorcyclists. Slick roads, potholes, oil spills, loose gravel, tree limbs, and even small dips in pavement are enough for motorcyclists to lose control.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we know that motorcycle accident victims often feel helpless after crashes, especially if a negligent driver was to blame for the accident. Our Texas motorcycle accident lawyers want to help injured victims get the compensation they deserve for their medical bills and lost wages, and our consultations are always free.