After an auto accident, you have a lot of things to deal with and worry about. Your biggest priority is making sure that you and your loved one gets adequate medical treatment and care for any injuries you suffered in the crash. You also may be worried about getting back to work, especially if your injuries have caused you to experience reduced mobility or disability.

But there’s a third aspect of auto accident cases that also require immediate attention: protecting your legal rights. At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, our Texas car accident lawyers know that people who focus on the legal side of crashes right away are more likely to get the compensation they deserve.

Contacting a law firm in the hours or days after a crash as opposed to waiting weeks or months has two important benefits:

  1. More evidence can be preserved and presented in your favor – Getting compensation for an auto accident requires proving that the crash wasn’t your fault. That makes evidence essential, but it can quickly disappear after accidents. Calling a lawyer right away means more evidence may be available to support your claim.
  2. Fewer mistakes will be made – Insurance companies count on victims making plenty of mistakes during the post-accident process. Whether it’s admitting fault for a crash, accepting an initial settlement offer, or waiting too long to file a claim, they know that few victims make all the right moves. But having an attorney on your side means you’ll be protected from day one.

Our lawyers know how to help clients maximize their chances of getting the money they need for their accident-related expenses. We’re always available for free consultations, and our phone lines are always open.