As warm weather and longer days settle in across central Texas, we tend to spend more time outside, as do our pets. Unfortunately, this extra time outdoors can lead to an increased risk of becoming the victim of a dog bite. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that out of an estimated 4.5 million dog bites that are reported each year, a majority of those cases occur in the months of spring and summer.

These numbers leave many citizens wondering what steps should be taken in the event a dog bite occurs. The College Station dog bite injury attorneys at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers explain that identifying and quarantining the animal to ensure it is not sick should be the first action that is taken.

This is why local officials are looking to track down a dog that bit a man last week. According to a report from KBTX News, the victim noticed the dog lying in the crossing of Harvey Mitchell Parkway and Raymond Stotzer. When he approached the animal to make sure it was okay, the dog lunged and bit him. Before help could arrive though, a woman pulled up in a vehicle and took the dog away without leaving any information. Now, officials need to determine if the bite victim needs to undergo treatment for the disease known as Rabies and the only way to make that determination is to test the animal for infection.

Daniel Stark’s team of Texas personal injury lawyers go on to explain that after the animal has been taken in for observation and testing, it may be wise to speak with a legal representative in order to make sure your rights to compensation for damages are protected.