Motorcycles are fuel efficient, easy to park and store, and can accelerate and stop much faster than passenger vehicles. Those characteristics mean that motorcycles are popular throughout Texas, whether they’re used for pleasure and for commuting.

But one significant drawback of motorcycles is their lack of protection. Unlike cars, trucks, and SUVs, motorcycles have no built-in protection for riders. It’s up to riders themselves to protect themselves from injuries by wearing full riding gear.

And while riding gear can reduce the severity of injuries, it can’t always prevent them. If you or someone you love gets hurt in a motorcycle accident, taking the following steps can protect your health and your rights to compensation:

  1. Call 911—Reporting the accident should be your first step. Stay at the accident scene until first responders arrive, and answer any questions the responding police officers may have.
  2. Get medical treatment—Go to the hospital or visit a doctor right away, even if you don’t think you were seriously injured. Motorcycle accidents can sometimes cause internal injuries which aren’t always obvious, and a thorough physical examination can rule them out.
  3. Call a Texas motorcycle accident lawyer—Getting compensation for a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault requires evidence and a proactive approach. If you wait too long to call a lawyer, evidence may be more difficult to track down, and the insurance company may gain the upper hand.

Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers offers free consultations. We know motorcycle accidents, and we have the experience it takes to help you get maximum compensation.