Halloween is a time for costumes, candy, and fun. However, it can also be a dangerous time for children if parents are not careful. Here’s a quick look at why Halloween is so dangerous and what you can do to keep your children safer this year.

Why is Halloween so dangerous?

Every year we see injuries increase on Halloween night for three main reasons – pedestrians traffic, drunk driving, and nut allergies.

Increased pedestrians after dark

Halloween is the deadliest day of the year for child pedestrians. In fact, children are three times more likely to be struck and killed by a car on Halloween than any other day of the year.

After dark, it becomes far more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. In too many cases, children get excited and stray from sidewalks or crosswalks.

Drunk driving

Like many holidays, Halloween brings an increased risk of drunk driving. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, drunk driving incidents increase dramatically on Halloween.

The larger number of pedestrians combined with an increased risk for drunk and distracted driving can be a deadly combination.

Nut allergies

As many popular Halloween candies contain nuts, allergic reactions are common on Halloween. Each year, allergic reactions in children increase by more than 80% on Halloween night.

We don’t want to take away your Halloween spirit! Here are five ways to keep you and your children safer this Halloween.

Here are 5 Ways to Stay Safer!

1 – Always use crosswalks and sidewalks.

Over 70% of pedestrian injuries occur away from intersections and crosswalks. Drivers are expecting pedestrians to be walking in these areas. If you cross the street away from a crosswalk, you’re putting yourself at an incredible risk.

Even when using crosswalks, never assume that a driver sees you. Wait for cars to come to a complete stop before crossing the street.

2 – Avoid dark areas.

The darker it is, the harder it is for drivers to see you. Do your best to stay in well-lit areas. Consider carrying a small flashlight with you while trick or treating. This will also decrease your risk of tripping or stumbling.

If your neighborhood doesn’t have well lit sidewalks and crosswalks, try a new area this year!

3 – Stay in a group.

The larger your group, the easier you’ll be for drivers to spot. Plus, trick or treating is just more fun when you’re with friends, am I right?

Be careful not to have such a large group that it’s difficult to keep an eye on everybody. Make sure that there are enough adults to watch all children in your group.

4 – Avoid poor-fitting costumes.

Costumes that are too loose or baggy can be a serious tripping hazard when crossing the street or climbing someone’s porch steps. You should also watch out for hats or masks that block your child’s vision.

Consider taking large hats or masks off when crossing the streets or walking on uneven surfaces. The last thing your child wants on Halloween is a bloody nose.

5 – Read all candy labels.

It’s important to be aware of all nut allergies. Even if your child doesn’t suffer from them, there may be another in your group that does. Be sure to find out beforehand and avoid opening candy in front of those with nut allergies.

If someone is allergic to nuts, always read candy labels before digging in. Here is a guide to the ingredients in many popular Halloween candies to give you a head start.

At Daniel Stark, we love Halloween. We also love keeping people safe. Keep these tips in mind while planning your trick or treat adventures this year.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Daniel Stark Law!