We are excited to announce that our April Charity of the Month will be LEIAS!


LEAIS is a new all women’s organization at Texas A&M University. LEAIS stands for Leaders Excelling in Academics and Service. This organization exists to promote academic success and help women develop leadership qualities through activities of selfless service within the animal community, sisterhood, and Aggie Core Values.

The women of LEAIS seek to raise awareness about the importance of animal rescuing and animal fostering. They work to educate the community about proper ways to care for your pets, make sure that you are ready for a pet through potential fostering and the how the process works when you rescue and adopt an animal. The women of LEAIS work with several fostering agencies, so they are able to connect those that are interested in fostering or rescuing an animal start this process. Many of the women in this organization foster animals themselves as well!

Most Texas A&M Organizations require their members to maintain a 2.5 GPA, but LEIAS has increased this minimum and requires their members to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. Talk about not settling for average! To continue to excel in leadership, LEAIS holds leadership seminars that are open to the public where they ask women who have exceedingly successful careers to come and speak. They also provide resume workshops, career fairs, mock interviews and academic success workshops to their members to ensure they are prepared to build a successful career after college. These women also work to exemplify key character qualities such as motivation, honesty, confidence, and commitment.

Daniel Stark P.C. will be donating $2 for every 1 ‘Like’ we receive for our Facebook Page during the Month of April. Please invite your friends to ‘like’ our Facebook Page so that we can help this new organization not only foster and adopt animals, but also grow leaders in our community! ‘Like’ our Facebook Page here.

Connect with LEIAS on Facebook and Instagram, and find out more on their website.