With all the construction projects currently underway in our communities, it’s important that Texas construction workers know what to do in the event of a serious on-the-job accident. You might think you’re covered by workers’ compensation if anything goes wrong, but that might not be the case. Even if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, it doesn’t automatically mean all of your medical expenses are going to be taken care of, not to mention lost wages for time away from work.

The main thing to remember after a construction accident is that you have options. You don’t have to simply settle for what the insurance company is willing to give you. You can negotiate that settlement, and in our opinion, the best way to do that is with an attorney on your side. A Texas construction accident attorney can work with the insurance company on your behalf to make sure your rights as an injured worker are upheld throughout the process.

At Daniel Stark, we offer free consultations to all injured workers in Texas. You need to know your options after a workplace accident, which is why we encourage you to give us a call before you speak with the insurance company. We’ll review your case at no cost or obligation, so you can take the right next steps toward putting this accident behind you. Contact us today.