February 26, 2013

While texting and driving has been banned in Austin, Texas, for more than three years now, city officials feel it’s pertinent to clarify what the law covering the behavior constitutes as illegal. According to the Austin American-Statesman, questions regarding the law began to arise as new technology, like tablets and e-readers, became more common.

Current law states it’s illegal to use a “wireless communication device” to view, send, or write an electronic message. Furthermore, motorists are prohibited from utilizing “other application software while operating a vehicle”. This means drivers cannot play games, change the volume of a song playing, or use GPS devices that are downloaded to phones due to the higher probability of being involved in a Texas Car Accident.

The wording of the law does not prohibit the use of a tablet, e-reader, or GPS device that is mounted to a vehicle. The only other exceptions to the laws are if the vehicle is stopped or a person’s life is in eminent danger.

Since the law was enacted, there have been 585 documented violations that were prosecuted by the city of Austin. Of those cases, a total of 250 offenders pleaded guilty, while only six were found not guilty.

The Austin Personal injury Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers would encourage motorists to be more aware of the dangers distracted driving can present. We can each do our part to improve safety and awareness of the problem by putting our phones down while driving.