March 20, 2012

Cases of women having cosmetic procedures performed by unlicensed individuals have prompted an Austin, Texas, plastic surgeon to educate the public on the dangers of these procedures.

Dr. Jennifer Walden told KVUE News of a recent case in Tyler, Texas where a salon owner injected several women’s breasts and buttocks with an automotive-grade silicone and closed up the injection site with super glue.

Walden added that many women undergo these “underground” procedures because of their price and a lack of awareness of the dangers they pose.

Dr. Walden says women need to focus on the three P’s of cosmetic procedures:

  • Product—Make sure the product being used is FDA-approved.
  • Practitioner—Make sure the person performing the procedure is properly educated and licensed and certified.
  • Place—Only have procedures done at medical facilities.

Dr. Walden stated that your best defense against a botched medical procedure is to ask questions and become informed before going under the knife.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently launched a campaign called The Safety and Awareness Campaign Against Deceptive Practices to improve safety and public awareness. The campaign discusses the dangers of surgery by unqualified practitioners, as well as the difference between being licensed to practice cosmetic surgery and being certified to practice it.

The Texas Medical Malpractice Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers encourage those who are considering plastic surgery to fully educate themselves before going under the knife.