In 2019, there were 12,907 fatal injury crashes in Texas, with 15,855 people seriously injured.

Sadly most of these victims are yet to receive compensation. They’ve been paying for treatment and family needs out of pocket. If you’re one of these victims, involve a car accident lawyer to overcome this challenge.

You want to find a lawyer to help you know the value of your claim and expedite the compensation process.

To help you out, here are seven tips for finding car accident attorney lawyers in Waco, TX.

1. Check Practice Area

After a car accident, several attorneys will approach you with an offer to represent you. Most of these lawyers are often “jacks of all trades,” and hiring them is a huge mistake. Today they want you to hire them for a personal injury claim, tomorrow they’re working on a divorce case.

These attorneys are unreliable as they lack in-depth knowledge of personal injury law. That’s why it’s prudent to check an attorney’s practice area before hiring them. You want to find an attorney whose main legal area is car accident claims.

With the help of this attorney, you learn the right way to file the car accident claim paperwork. Also, this lawyer will collect evidence to support your claim and advise you on when to go to trial.

2. Examine Certifications And Licensing

Before you hire a car accident lawyer in Waco, TX, visit the Texas State Bar’s website. You want to check out this attorney profile for more details on their qualifications. The results will offer the attorney’s bar card number and license date.

Also, the profile highlights this attorney’s practice areas. You want to confirm the car accident attorney you’re hiring is authorized to practice law in Waco, TX.

3. Get Recommendations

To find the best car accident lawyer, you need to get other people’s opinions and recommendations. You’re seeking firsthand experience on what it’s like to deal with a given attorney. The best way to get this information is by requesting various attorneys in Waco, TX, for references.

You want to contact these attorneys’ past clients for comments on these lawyers’ work and competence. The goal is to find a caring and compassionate attorney. A lawyer who’ll help you manage the physical, emotional, and psychological pain you’re experiencing.

4. Review Years Of Practice

In a rush to hire a car accident injury lawyer, some victims forget to check the years of practice. They assume that as long as the attorney has passed the bar, experience level doesn’t matter. These victim regrets later when the inexperienced attorney delivers unreliable legal services.

To avoid this pitfall, search for a car accident injury lawyer who has been practicing for several years. This attorney has handled numerous car accident claims and knows the common challenges that arise. With the help of this lawyer, you’ll present a strong claim and increase the odds of fair compensation.

Also, hire a car accident injury lawyer with trial experience. Although less than five percent of personal injury cases go to trial, sometimes it’s the only option for fighting for fair compensation.

5. Check Legal Fees

Given car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis, it’s tempting to skip checking legal fees. You feel it doesn’t matter as you’re not paying any upfront fees. Sadly, having this perception increase the odds of picking a costly car accident lawyer.

The problem is that this attorney will take a huge chunk of your settlement, and you’re left with inadequate money for treatment.

To avoid regrets, you must check the legal fees a given car accident injury lawyer charges beforehand. You want to find the contingency rates when you settle and when the case goes to court. The objective is to hire an attorney who charges fair and reasonable legal fees.

6. Choose A Reputable Law Firm

To find the best car accident lawyer, search for a reputable law firm in Waco, TX. The idea is to choose a law firm known for winning big personal injury cases. A law firm with a dedicated team of legal experts who’ll gather evidence to support the claim.

So, take advantage of the internet to search for this law firm. You want to check out the online ratings and reviews of various law firms in Waco, TX.

7. Search For A Compassionate Car Accident Lawyer

When meeting with a car accident lawyer for the first time, you need to pay attention to your intuition. Here are some of the things you need to observe during this meeting:

  • Did the lawyer create a positive first-time impression?
  • Did you feel at ease when talking to this lawyer?
  • Did the lawyer showcase patience when you raised concerns about the case?
  • Did the lawyer appear compassionate about the pain you’re going through?
  • Did the lawyer provide satisfactory answers to all your questions?

You want to hire an attorney you establish a connection with from the start. A lawyer you know you can trust to fight for your best interests and ensure you receive fair compensation.

Hire Best Car Accident Attorney, Lawyers In Waco TX For Reliable Legal Services

It’s a terrible experience “begging” the liable party to compensate you for the car accident injuries you suffered. To avoid carrying this load alone, involve the best car accident attorney lawyers in Waco, TX. Rely on the above tips to help you find these lawyers.

You want to find licensed and compassionate car accident attorneys to handle your case.

Contact our law firm for reliable car accident legal services at fair rates.