Working in the construction industry can be dangerous. Research shows that 254 workers in the construction business suffered fatal injuries in 2016, and another 24,650 workers suffered nonfatal injuries while they were on the job.

The risks that construction workers face include:

  • Being struck by heavy objects
  • Falling from heights, such as roofs, ladders, or scaffolding
  • Coming into contact with heavy equipment and machinery
  • Developing illnesses or complications after exposure to dangerous chemicals
  • Suffering burns or electricity-related injuries

In addition, construction workers also face the risk of developing chronic pain and reduced mobility due to muscle, ligament, and nerve damage. Many of the tasks that construction workers must complete every day involve heavy lifting and repetitive motions. Over time, those motions can put significant strain on the body, causing it to break down. When that happens, construction workers may become disabled and unable to return to work.

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