We have recently achieved a significant victory by securing a $2 million settlement for a client who fell ill after visiting an out-of-state waterpark in 2021.

This case highlights the importance of prompt medical attention and thorough documentation when health issues arise, especially in children.

A Vacation Turned Nightmare

Following a family vacation, our minor client began experiencing symptoms of illness that were initially mistaken for a stomach bug. However, her concerned family sought medical attention as her condition progressively worsened.

It was later discovered that she had contracted E. coli from the waterpark, leading to the development of a severe kidney condition.

The client’s recovery journey required intensive treatment, including transfusions, dialysis, and respiratory therapy. Fortunately, with exceptional medical care, she managed to make a miraculous recovery.

In response to the incident, the State Department of Health conducted a thorough investigation of the waterpark, which concluded that the E. coli exposure occurred at a swimming pool during the client’s visit. In addition, we enlisted the expertise of an aquatic expert to assess the waterpark facility, revealing deficiencies in safety and cleaning practices.

We filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client, seeking the full value of the harm she suffered. Our dedicated legal team worked diligently to build a strong case, leading to a settlement of $2 million in insurance coverage. This amount provided financial support for our client’s medical recovery.

Lesson Learned

This case serves as a powerful reminder of the critical importance of meticulously documenting symptoms, locations visited, and food consumption when suspecting health issues, particularly in children.

By seeking immediate medical attention, accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment can be ensured to potentially prevent further complications. Taking swift action and seeking legal representation allowed our client to secure the full value of her injuries.

Daniel Stark Law’s Commitment

Our experienced team is committed to providing remarkable legal representation to individuals and families who have suffered harm due to the negligence of others. By fighting tirelessly for our clients, we hold responsible parties accountable and help get our clients’ lives back to normal.