Once a month Daniel Stark employees get together for a movie night to see a new release at the movies. Naturally, everyone has opinions when it comes to movies, and below are the reviews of The Lego Batman Movie!

Lego Batman is the anticipated follow up to the 2014 smash hit “The Lego Movie.” It follows the Lego Movie’s version of the caped crusader through the City of Gotham as he battles his traditional villains, including some of the little known Batman villains of the past. While Bruce Wayne is the social playboy of Gotham, Batman is secluded and refuses to work closely with anyone. However, when Bruce Wayne accidentally adopts a young Richard Grayson, his world becomes turned upside down, and he starts to learn the value of working with others.

From the opening sequence, Lego Batman’s tone becomes clear. It is a movie that kids will love because the action is fast paced, and for being Lego bricks, the way the action sequences play out are quite entertaining. However, this version of the Warner Bros.’ property is not self-enclosed. There is great humor about the Batman movies of the past (going all the way back to Adam West) and even some humor about the studio itself. This self-referential humor keeps adults in the theater entertained, as well as some well-placed jokes that will probably fly over your kids heads. Not to mention, some sweet tunes written by the Lego Dark Knight himself.

Overall, our employees at Daniel Stark very much enjoyed this movie, most giving it a 4/5 rating, with a couple of 5/5 ratings. With high ratings from our employees, and The Lego Batman Movie currently the second highest rated Batman movie of all time on Rotten Tomatoes, your friends at Daniel Stark certainly recommend it!