The DS Team shares their upcoming New Year’s Resolutions.

Kaitlyn Chan – New Client Specialist
In 2015 I’m deactivating my social media accounts. The goal is for me to be less occupied with social media and more engaged during time spent with loved ones and family. In 2015, instead of merely passing time by scrolling through news feeds and pictures, I will chose to spend and invest my time wisely.

Jonathan Stark – Partner
1. Finish reading the Chronological Bible
2. Help my daughter shoot a deer

Kim Sutphen – Accounting
Take my Mom to lunch at least twice a month.

Bobbie Shae Melton – Paralegal
To talk to my grandpas once a week.

Maria Wiggins – Director of New Business Development
Keep food diary daily until I hit my weight loss goal and exercise three times a week.

Emily Robson – Case Manager
Drink 64oz of water daily.

Angela Pineda – Case Manager
Have a date night with my husband once a month.

Danny Daniel – Partner
200 workouts and spend 200 dedicated times in reading and studying the Bible.

Cecil Otto – Referral Manager
Keep food journal daily.