Dogs are beloved family members, and they’re a great source of companionship and joy for many Texas residents. But even the most well-trained dog can still bite on rare instances—and a single dog bite can have devastating consequences for the victim.

People who are bitten by dogs can suffer the following complications:

  • Nerve damage – Dog bites can cause deep puncture wounds, and their teeth are long and sharp enough to damage nerves, especially in the hands and arms. Nerve damage is often permanent and can significantly disrupt a victim’s ability to work.
  • Infection – Another complication related to dogs’ long and sharp teeth is the potential for infection. Dog’s mouths are full of bacteria, and deep wounds can cause that bacteria to be delivered directly into muscle tissue, tendons, and the bloodstream, causing both localized and systemic infection.

While there is no statewide leash law in Texas, many cities have adopted their own ordinances that require dogs to be either leashed or in enclosures on both public and private properties.

If you or someone you love was bitten by a dog, you may be eligible to pursue a claim for compensation. At Daniel Stark, our Texas dog bite attorneys are available to discuss your options.