Dunkirk is the long awaited World War II Epic from famed director Christopher Nolan. The movie takes place during the Battle of Dunkirk, where English and French soldiers are trying to desperately evacuate France across the English Channel to Britain while not wasting resources.

The movie puts the audience member in a feeling of isolation almost immediately, making this film unique. While most American war films try to give you a feeling of brotherhood, connection, and emotional stakes, the only thing the characters in Dunkirk are concerned with is surviving, trying to make it home.

The cinematography in the film is some of Nolan’s best, and any audience member needs to see this film on the biggest screen they can. The score has a tense feeling of sometimes dread, and then sometimes a constant build, giving the audience member a feeling of uneasiness throughout the film.

The team at Daniel Stark agree across the board that the film is a great film, with the lowest scores coming in at 4. However, one criticism is a lack of character development, leaving you not feeling particularly strong about any one character. With a majority of scores of 5/5 and some 4/5, this movie is a strong yes from the team at Daniel Stark!