You’ve been trying to quit smoking for years. You tried the patch, the gum, and perhaps even hypnotherapy, but nothing worked until you tried vaping. After taking up e-cigarettes, you were finally able to curb the cravings and throw your smokes in the trash. Without the harmful effects caused by traditional smoking to worry about, it seemed like you had found a safe alternative to cigarettes. If that sounds like you, read on.

In recent months, there have been a number of incidents of e-cigarettes exploding while in use or while being charged. These explosions have led to severe injuries, including burns and amputations, as well as significant property damage to homes and apartments. These incidents occur when the lithium ion batteries within e-cigarette devices overheat, leading to fires or explosions.

Since the e-cigarette industry is unregulated, these defective devices are hitting the market without proper consumer safety checks required in most other industries. Due to this lack of oversight, millions of e-cigarette users are at risk of serious injury or death.

At Daniel Stark, we hold negligent manufacturers responsible for the injuries their defective products cause. Our team of product liability lawyers has years of experience fighting for the rights of injured consumers, and we’re bringing that same fight to the e-cigarette industry. Victims of exploding e-cigarettes deserve justice and that’s exactly what we plan to deliver.