It’s no secret that the legal field can feel stagnant when it comes to technology. Lawyers are historically slow to change and innovate, but not at Daniel Stark.

We love technology, and we love innovating. Not only does it allow us to provide a better experience for our clients and our team, but it flat-out makes us better lawyers.

Jonathan Stark sat down with Advocate Capital, Inc. to discuss some of the ways that Daniel Stark has used technology to grow and improve.

Case Management

As a law firm grows, one of the biggest challenges is managing a large number of lawyers and cases. At Daniel Stark, we’ve got nearly 30 lawyers on our team. Technology helps Jonathan and the rest of our leaders ensure that every case is being handled correctly and to the highest standards.

We use a case management software called Litify to track every case in the firm. Litify allows us to track things like case status, client contact, treatment notes, and much more.

Additionally, taking all of this information and funneling it into dashboards and reports helps us be sure that our cases are staying on track.

Insurance companies have databases full of thousands of metrics that they track and use to keep case values as low as possible. At Daniel Stark, we use technology to do the exact opposite. Not only does technology help us provide our clients with the best customer service, but it ensures that we get full value for their cases as well.

Marketing & Referrals

When Danny and Jonathan first opened the firm, marketing was pretty simple. You put an ad in the phonebook, and you got cases. Nowadays, marketing teams have to navigate all sorts of new technology like connected TV, streaming services, multiple social media platforms, and search engines like Google – just to name a few.

Is it complicated? Sure. Are we excited about the challenge? You betcha! Every new channel is another chance to help someone that could be taken advantage of by their insurance company.

Even with our technology and processes, we aren’t set up to take on every case that we’re presented with. That’s why we’re building an extensive network of trusted law firms that can give the same level of remarkable service to clients that may not be the best fit for us. Whether these other firms are right down the road or across the country, It’s never been easier to communicate.

For the same reason, we’re often approached by other firms who have cases that they need help getting full value on. Technology allows us to collaborate and find the best solutions for those clients. We can send constant case updates, share important files, and much more.

What’s Next?

Tech is rapidly evolving. When we look back on the last five years at Daniel Stark, things have changed drastically. We’re able to hold depositions and mediations virtually through video calls. Our team can send case updates through text messages and emails. Clients can text us photos and important documents as quickly as they can snap their fingers.

All of this makes us better lawyers and allows us to give clients better customer service.

Embracing technology and innovation has helped Daniel Stark grow since we first opened our doors. Like our founders always say, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

We don’t know what exciting changes technology will bring our way in the future, but we’re certainly excited to find out.