It’s the elephant in the room and what each of our clients always wants to know, yet it is the hardest question for your attorney to answer. Unfortunately, there is no predetermined worth for a case, no magic multiplier, and no two cases are the same. What we can tell you is that your case value depends on many details and conditions surrounding your accident.

The value of your case is a fairly simple sum of your economic damages (like your current and future medical needs and expenses and your lost wages from missed time at work) and non-economic damages (like the severity of your accident, stress, and your pain and suffering caused by your injury that is documented in your medical records).

We will know much more about the value of your claim after you have completed your medical care and your attorney has reviewed your medical records and billing.

Anyone who says they can tell you soon after your auto accident that your case is worth X amount is, as the song goes, trying to sell you oceanfront property in Arizona. Can we make an educated guess as to if your case has a good shot at settling for a large amount or a little amount? Probably. But there are many things that can happen during your medical care and claim that can sway your case value significantly.

What we commit to do for you is investigate every aspect of your accident with one end goal in mind: Making sure the insurance company provides you the compensation you need to fully recover from your injuries. We keep a close eye on verdicts in your area and know what juries would award given certain circumstances. That allows us to either negotiate with the insurance company for the amount we believe a jury would award you if we filed suit or, if it is in your best interest, we will present your case to a judge or jury who will award the final dollar amount.

Bottom line: We will work together as a team with you to make sure the insurance company gives you a fair amount for your claim. No more and definitely no less.