Ready Player One is based on the hit novel of the same name by first time novelist Ernest Cline. The movie is directed by Stephen Spielberg and stars Tye Sheridan in the main character role of Wade, also known as Parzival.

Ready Player One is based in Columbus, Ohio, and when a much-loved tech genius passes away, he leaves an elaborate game to find an “Easter Egg” in the elaborate virtual world he created, called the Oasis. In this future, the Oasis is the greatest economic player in the world, and the person who finds the Easter Egg will receive control of the Oasis.

In the movie, as well as the novel, nostalgia and pop culture references (especially from the 80’s) play a big role in the clues and games of the Easter Egg, and this creates a fantastic entertainment factor in the movie. Some of the references are incredibly noticeable (like the vehicle that Wade drives in the Oasis) while some flash by very quickly. Keep an eye out during the movie!

While the main character is entertaining and like-able, there isn’t much character development in the movie. Fortunately, action sequences and visuals more than make up for it. Spielberg shows once again that he knows how to direct a family-friendly action film. With the 80’s references for parents, and video game slang for the kids, this movie appeals to all ages. It also includes a great soundtrack.

Our team really enjoyed the movie across the board, with no score coming in lower than 4/5. Go see it at your local theater for a fun, entertaining, nostalgic, and yet futuristic movie.