For many patients, hip and knee replacement surgeries can bring immense relief from pain and inflammation while also increasing mobility and range of motion. But for some patients, having artificial joints surgically implanted into their bodies creates an entirely new set of problems, side effects, and complications.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, our Texas defective product attorneys have helped many victims who were harmed by a variety of consumer and medical products and devices, including joint replacements. We know that victims often face long roads to recovery, and they may require revision surgeries, extensive physical rehabilitation, and months or even years out of work.

Two of the most common types of joint replacement failures we handle include:

  • Metal-on-metal hip replacements – These hip replacements use balls, stems, and shells that are all made of metal. While that may seem like it would increase durability, over time, the metal components break down and are absorbed by tissue or into the bloodstream, causing a range of serious side effects.
  • Total knee replacement surgeries – The Zimmer Persona® Trabecular Metal™ tibial plate components are used in total knee replacement surgeries, and they’re linked to serious complications, including knee pain, difficulty walking, and poor balance.

We believe that people like you shouldn’t have to pay for surgeries and treatments that are necessary due to the mistakes of others. Don’t suffer alone. Contact an experienced defective medical device attorney today for a free consultation to find out how we can help.