Like many of us, you took out a life insurance policy because you know how much your family depends on you financially, and you want to continue to provide for them in your death. That’s an honorable thing to do, and we commend you for it. You faithfully paid the premiums on time in order to keep the policy in good standing and never once considered cashing it in early. Now you received a letter from the insurance company informing you that your premiums are going way up, and you either pay it or forfeit your policy. How can that be fair?

It’s more than unfair; it could be life insurance fraud.

At Daniel Stark, we got into the law profession to protect the hardworking people of Texas from those that would take advantage of them. In recent years, we’ve witnessed a lot of Texas families being taken advantage of by life insurance companies attempting to bully them out of their policies. They do this by jacking up premiums, leaving the policyholder with the option to either cancel the policy or pay the inflated premiums for no additional benefit. We’re not okay with that. That’s why we fight to hold these fraudulent insurance companies accountable for their actions.

If you’ve been informed that your life insurance premiums are skyrocketing, we advise you to talk with an attorney before agreeing to pay them. You may be the victim of life insurance fraud. An experienced attorney can determine whether fraud exists and work to hold the offending insurance company accountable.