December 11, 2012

The Austin, Texas, area is seeing a significantly higher number of highway fatalities this year than in previous years.  In fact, the city has recorded nearly 80 fatalities this year alone, compared to 45 this time last year.

KTTC News discussed the growing number of highway fatalities, specifically, those that involve bicycles and tractor-trailers. The story points out that data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows a significant increase in both types of Texas car accidents over the past year.

Researchers have concluded that there was an 8.7 percent spike in the number of cyclists who were killed this past year in accidents, while the number of those who died in big rig collisions rose by 20 percent.

Jonathan Adkins, Deputy Executive Director of the Governors Highway Safety Association, explained he believes the increase in fatal accidents can be attributed to an increase in traffic volume of both bicycles and tractor-trailers. Others say it can be attributed to higher speed limits and cited the new Highway 130 speed limit of 85 mph as a prime example.

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