The pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. is a multibillion-dollar business. Huge amounts of money are spent every year researching new drugs and promoting and marketing existing drugs. And while medications can be both life-changing and life-saving for many patients, they also have the potential to cause serious complications.

The Texas drug injury lawyers at our law firm have helped many victims of dangerous medications, and we know that drug companies aren’t always transparent about how their drugs can affect patients. When someone comes to us after they or a loved one suffered a drug injury, we look for important evidence to support their claim by asking these questions:

  • Did the manufacturer properly test the medication? Some medications are released to the market without being fully tested for safety. Patients who take those drugs are unwitting test subjects, putting their health and even their lives at risk.
  • Did the manufacturer clearly list warnings and side effects? Drug companies are supposed to list all side effects and potential interactions and complications. But they may cover up this information to increase sales and make their drugs more popular.

We know that many people who suffer serious complications after taking prescription medications may feel hopeless. After all, drug companies are big businesses. Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers isn’t afraid to go up against even the biggest pharmaceutical companies, and it’s our goal to help our clients get the compensation they deserve. Our phone lines are open, and our consultations are free.