The construction industry in Texas can be an extremely dangerous environment to work in, especially for migrant workers. This is because many construction operations let safety take the backseat in the hopes of increasing profitability.

Take the case of a man who was seriously injured in a Texas construction accident several years ago. He recently successfully sued his former employer, but collecting his compensation may prove to be more difficult than previously believed.

A story released by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram explains the victim was working as part of a crew demolishing a roof when the concrete below the worker’s feet suddenly gave way, sending him plummeting roughly 20 feet to the ground below. He suffered injuries that left him unable to move any of his extremities.

The victim later filed suit against his employer, citing that safety regulations had not been followed. The employer argued the workers were responsible for their own safety. The courts sided with the victim, awarding him $21 million; however, his employers’ lack of assets and insurance coverage could prevent him from collecting the compensation that is rightfully his.

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