Whether they’re being taken for walks by their owners, playing in parks, or even sitting in stores, restaurants, and offices, dogs are everywhere in Texas. And while most dogs are friendly, lovable, and pose no threat to anyone, dogs can occasionally injure people, even without provocation.

The possibility of dog bites is rarely on people’s minds when they’re around other people’s dogs, but even the most well-behaved dogs can be unpredictable at times. When people are bitten by dogs, they can experience severe injuries that can lead to serious complications. Even minor bites can become infected, while deeper wounds can cause nerve and tissue damage.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, it’s our goal to help people who were injured by dogs get compensation for their bite-related expenses. When you call our Texas dog bite lawyers, you’ll get legal advocates on your side who will:

  • Prove the dog wasn’t properly restrained – Whether the dog was off of its leash or outside of an enclosure, we’ll find and present evidence that proves the dog’s owner failed to restrain his or her dog in accordance with local laws.
  • Prove the bite caused you to suffer serious injuries and complications – It’s hard to mistake dog bites for any other injuries, but proving more serious complications can be difficult. We’ll use your medical records, witness statements, and expert testimony to conclusively link your dog bite injury to any complications you experienced.

We’re here to help anyone who was hurt through no fault of their own, whether it was due to a negligent driver, dog owner, or drug manufacturer.