All nursing homes are supposed to provide excellent care for their residents. After all, that’s why most of them charge expensive monthly or yearly rates to residents and their families.

But not all nursing homes uphold the standards and responsibilities that state and federal laws require them to. One of the biggest problems facing nursing homes is staffing, and many get around that issue by hiring caretakers and other workers who are under-qualified and under-trained.

When nursing homes are staffed with people who shouldn’t be in charge of the care of others, abuse and neglect often follow. And at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, that’s where our Texas nursing home abuse attorneys step in.

We help victims and their families:

  • Prove abuse or neglect occurred—It’s easy for nursing homes to deny that abuse or neglect happened. They may twist residents’ words or blame their illnesses or injuries on other things, including pre-existing conditions. We know their tactics, and we’ll collect evidence that forces them to admit that wrongdoing occurred.
  • Negotiate to get a maximum settlement—Many nursing homes and their insurance companies are hesitant to pay anything more than bare minimum settlements, even when they know they’re caught. We’ll calculate exactly how much the abuse and neglect cost you and your loved one, and we’ll fight to make sure you get the money you deserve.

Don’t wait to get legal representation for your loved one, as evidence can disappear and statutes of limitations can run out. Contact experienced attorneys today for a free consultation.