Fear can force us to hesitate to take action when we know we should, and overcoming your fears can often improve the quality of your life.

As part of Fear Week on Brazos Valley, KBTX News recently focused on several common fears and what those who suffer these phobias have done to overcome them.

One participant told of his fear of heights and how he used a training course from the Lonestar Trapeze Academy to prove he was capable of achieving any goal.

Another individual discussed her phobia of confined spaces. She went on to explain that a training simulator at TEEX Riverside Campus is used to help emergency rescue workers overcome this fear successfully so that they can help others with o hesitations due to confined space.

College Station personal injury lawyer, Jonathan Stark, recently published a piece in the Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers newsletter discussing how his fear of others’ injuries inspired him to enter the legal field to assist injury victims.

The Daniel Stark legal team hopes people in the Brazos Valley use this week to find inspiration to overcome their fears and improve their lives!