Renee was involved in an accident in July 2012 in Caldwell, Texas. She was driving northbound on State Highway 36. The driver of another vehicle that was also traveling northbound on State Highway 36 decided that they were going to turn around to travel south. That vehicle drove onto the shoulder and just as Renee was about to pass the vehicle on the shoulder, the other car turned directly in front of Renee, giving her no time to brake or take action to avoid the accident. Renee sustained a serious fracture of her right ankle, which required surgery. We spoke to Renee recently about her experiences over these past two years. She has allowed us to share her story with you.

What were your plans that day of the accident?
I woke up that morning with my two grandchildren and we were headed to McDonald’s for lunch and they were going to play on the playground. We never made it to McDonald’s.

Tell us about the impact the wreck had on your life.
Originally, it took my life away as I knew it. I became disabled and wheelchair bound. After that, I spent months in a walking brace. I had to have some pain management through surgery, and I now have a pain receptor in my spine that I turn on daily. It changed my life significantly.

What was your life like before this?
I was training for a 5K race, running, walking, getting in shape. I had a very active life. My husband and I own jet skis, and I can no longer ride them even today, years later. I had a very active life with horses and chickens and dogs and grandchildren. I have now had to learn to function in different ways by force.

What brought you to Daniel Stark?
I actually opened up the Yellow Pages and picked the first ad I saw, and I liked what I saw. It sounded like a very strong name. I called that same day and the next day Daniel Stark sent someone out to me, which was a surprise because I thought I would have to load up my wheelchair in the car and go to the office, but ya’ll came to me and that was very very helpful. It was a great start.

What was it like meeting with the Daniel Stark team?
From the get go — from the very first time the man from Daniel Stark came to my house — I felt secure. I felt like I found someone who would take care of me from beginning to end, and I got that. Every time I talked to anyone at Daniel Stark or I came to Daniel Stark, I felt secure. The longer that it went, I knew I could trust you, just by the way that people like my legal assistant Wesley helped me in every way. I could call her, even if I didn’t need anything. I felt taken care of. I felt secure.

What was it like working with your attorney, Chris Carver?
He is wonderful. He really did make me feel like one of the family. I had no doubts in him from the moment I met him.

What was it like working with your legal assistant, Wesley Cagle?
She was like a sister. Truly, she was like family. She was there for every doubt I might have had, anticipated my doubts and smoothed them over and worked with me to the very very end. That made me feel so secure and that’s the main thing that I needed — that someone would hold me up when I couldn’t do it myself and that is what I got from her.

What do you think it would have been like if you had not found Daniel Stark?
I truly don’t know. I put all of my faith in this firm and I didn’t look back, I didn’t look sideways. I looked forward, and that is where Daniel Stark stood.