Tammy was involved in an auto collision in almost two years ago on December 4, 2012. She was driving one afternoon when she was struck by another driver who ran a red light and hit the driver’s side of her vehicle. The force of the impact spun Tammy’s vehicle causing her to hit a street sign and a signal light pole. The police cited the other driver for disregarding the red signal light. Despite this fact, the insurance company attempted to place fault for the accident with Tammy. Tammy suffered injuries to her shoulders, back, and neck.

We were glad that she called us and happy to report that we were successful in not only making the insurance company accept liability for something that clearly was not her fault, but also fairly compensating her for her medical bills and pain and suffering.

Here is Tammy’s story in her words:
“The day after the accident my friend told me that the insurance company was going to be calling me to get a statement from me on what had happened. When they called me I was explaining what happened and as I was talking to the insurance company, I started getting really upset and said I really didn’t want to talk about it. Before I could hang up, the insurance guy kept telling me that they had to get the information from me. To me it was like they didn’t care that it was upsetting me talking about the accident. They didn’t even suggest that they would call me back at a later time. They called me the next morning and told me the lady who had t-boned me was suing me for causing the accident. At that point I told them to ‘Call My Lawyer’ even though I didn’t have one. I then immediately called the law firm of Daniel Stark.

When I called Daniel Stark, I didn’t know or understand anything about the process and questions the attorney was asking, but I was not scared to ask what they were asking me and talking to me about. I know I made the right decision in calling Daniel Stark to represent me. They made me feel important. They stayed in touch with me regularly to see how I was doing and feeling. They would call and let me know where they were on the case and asked my opinion on how I wanted things handled. I left all the decisions to my lawyer. I trusted them that much. Next time, I will call the attorney before talking to the insurance company and I would recommend the same thing to family, friends, and even strangers.

I just can’t thank the firm enough for being there in my time in need due to the car accident. I carry my DS tote bag everywhere I go and brag on how AWESOME Daniel Stark is.”