When you step foot on someone else’s property, you expect to be safe from potential dangers. That expectation is upheld and ensured by premises liability laws, which are designed to hold property owners and managers responsible for making sure guests and others are safe.

But as with most types of personal injury claims, negligence can and often does play a role in causing innocent victims to suffer serious injuries. Premises liability injuries can occur due to a variety of scenarios and circumstances, including wet floors, uneven or broken stairs, loose rugs, poor lighting, missing handrails on stairs, and more.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, our Texas premises liability lawyers investigate injuries that occur on private or public property and determine if four conditions are met:

  • The owner knew the property’s overall condition and level of upkeep.
  • The owner knew the property posed a risk of harm to guests or occupiers.
  • The owner failed to exercise reasonable care to eliminate or reduce the risk of harm.
  • The owner’s failure to prevent those risks resulted in someone getting injured.

Slip and fall and other premises liability injuries can be painful and disabling. They can result in broken bones and even paralysis. Victims often require extensive medical care, and they may be unable to work for the foreseeable future. Consider contacting an experienced Texas premises liability attorney after a slip and fall—it may mean the difference between owing significant medical bills and getting the full amount of compensation you deserve.