Every Texan works hard for their money, and we all try our best to make that money last until the next paycheck. When we use that money to buy a product, we expect that the manufacturer has taken a high level of pride and care in making that product. We expect it to be safe for our family, and expect the manufacturer to do the right thing when things go wrong. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

Over the past several years, Daniel Stark has been involved in a number of defective product cases, both locally and nationally. From defective airbags that cause fatal accidents to prescription drug side effects that lead to devastating conditions, our teams of product liability lawyers are constantly on the lookout for consumer dangers to ensure our communities and our nation are protected.

That’s a charge we’ve given ourselves. We’re not a part of any government oversight group or product liability council. We’re simply lawyers who believe that the everyday citizen should be able to buy with confidence, free from fear of suffering serious injuries or death from the products they choose to buy. When businesses put profits over safety, sometimes the only way to change the way products are made is to hold manufacturers accountable for the injuries they cause.