Meet Ashley Carpenter, an Associate Attorney at Daniel Stark Law.

Ashley is a devoted and enthusiastic attorney who values Daniel Stark’s commitment to ethical standards and dedication to helping people. She truly embodies the spirit of what it means to be a part of the Daniel Stark Law Firm.

Ashley is from Katy, Texas, but she considers her grandparents’ cattle ranch outside of San Antonio her second home. There, she discovered her love for horses. Ashley’s pride and joy is her mare, Lizzy Lou, whom she has been caring for and training for competitions since she was an undergraduate student at Texas A&M.

At Texas A&M, Ashley studied Agricultural Economics with a focus on Rural Entrepreneurship. For as long as she can remember, Ashley wanted to go to law school, and her goal was to work in policy as an advocate for small-scale farmers and ranchers. 

Ashley took on the daunting task of getting her law degree and an MBA simultaneously. Yes – you read that right. She studied at St. Mary’s Law School in San Antonio during the day and attended Greehey School of Business at night. Ashley’s pursuit of both degrees was driven by her conviction that a strong business education is essential in any legal practice. She successfully earned her MBA in 2018 and her J.D. in 2019, becoming the first in her family to hold both degrees and practice law.

After graduating, Ashley began her legal career as an intern at a District Attorney’s office, where she represented the community and resolved injustices. She then worked as a prosecutor in a rural county near Bryan and gained further insight into the criminal justice system.

At first, Ashley was hesitant about pursuing a career in personal injury law for the same reason many people are hesitant to hire a lawyer after an injury: fear of ambulance chasers. However, when she was introduced to Daniel Stark Law, she discovered that things work differently here. Daniel Stark’s approach aligned perfectly with her values, and our attorneys held high ethical standards and were committed to helping others.

Ashley admired the company culture at Daniel Stark and decided to join our Bryan office. She now works as an Associate Attorney and has a deep passion for supporting individuals who are neglected and vulnerable after an injury.

“We really hold each other accountable to our values and purpose. It’s a commitment from every single person on our team, to each other and to ourselves,” Ashley said, adding that her position at the firm has led to her professional growth and development, and has also influenced her personally beyond her role as a lawyer.

Ashley’s approach involves building strong relationships with her clients to gain a deeper understanding of their personal and familial situations. This helps her tell their unique story. She helps clients who have experienced life-changing injuries get their lives back to normal. 

Ashley finds purpose in easing other people’s burdens. She stresses the significance of transparent communication with clients about their well-being because many feel ashamed of their injuries and try to appear strong in public. Ashley’s job is to reassure Daniel Stark’s clients that it is not normal or necessary for them to live with constant pain and financial struggles resulting from a negligent driver’s actions. She offers emotional support to help them cope with the difficult circumstances they face after being injured.

Outside of her legal work, Ashley has a strong love for animals and dreams of owning her own ranch someday. In addition to her legal career and equestrian hobbies, Ashley enjoys gardening and exploring different forms of art, including painting and creating stained glass gifts for her loved ones.

Ashley is excited to begin a new chapter of her life with her fiancé while continuing her work at Daniel Stark in Bryan. We love you Ashley! You make us better. The sky is the limit on your future!