Meet Chris Carver, a litigation attorney at Daniel Stark. With extensive experience in cases involving catastrophic injuries, Chris tirelessly advocates for our clients.

Raised in Lubbock, Texas, Chris’s passion for debate was evident from a young age. As a member of his high school’s state-ranked debate team, he honed his speaking skills and developed the ability to craft persuasive arguments.

During high school, Chris crossed paths with Jonathan Stark, the future co-founder of Daniel Stark, who happened to be on a rival high school’s debate team. Little did they know that their encounter would lay the foundation for a remarkable professional journey together.

After graduating from high school, Chris pursued his undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. While studying political science, Chris developed a passion for philosophy. Intrigued by reasoning and argumentation, Chris enrolled in multiple philosophy classes that further nurtured his analytical reasoning abilities.

Chris later discovered that his philosophy classes uniquely prepared him for the complexities of the law. “Constructing sound arguments, analyzing complex situations, and thinking critically became second nature to me,” said Chris.

While originally planning to become a political science professor, Chris received an unexpected offer during his application process for graduate school. The head of the Texas Tech communications department presented him with a full scholarship to study and teach public speaking and professional communications at Texas Tech. Chris accepted the offer and was able to complete his master’s degree within a year.

As a public speaking professor and debate coach at Texas Tech University, Chris once again crossed paths with Jonathan Stark. This time, he coached Jonathan in debate during Jonathan’s undergraduate semester at Texas Tech.

However, after obtaining his master’s degree, Chris realized that his skills and interests were better suited for a career in law rather than academia. Consequently, Chris attended the University of Texas (UT) for law school.

At UT, Chris excelled in Constitutional Law under the guidance of renowned professor Charles Allen Wright, who served as personal counsel to President Nixon and authored a widely recognized treatise in federal practice.

Participating in mock trial competitions at UT also played a significant role in Chris’s legal education. It was during these competitions that he formed a successful partnership with his classmate Cory Smith, who is now his colleague at Daniel Stark.

Together, Chris and Cory achieved remarkable success in mock trial during their second and third years of law school. Their dynamic pairing proved to be a winning formula, and they showcased exceptional talent and skills in the courtroom.

Their achievements included winning the Supreme Senior Mock Trial Tournament and representing UT on the national mock trial team. Chris and Cory’s outstanding performance also earned them induction into the prestigious Order of Barristers, an honor bestowed upon the top 10 litigators at a U.S. law school.

While pursuing his law degree, Chris worked as a law clerk for a plaintiff’s lawyer, gaining experience across criminal, family, and civil law. However, Chris often felt frustrated by the firm’s aversion to going to trial. They would settle cases for amounts that Chris believed undervalued their true worth, as they were unwilling to take cases to court. This experience fueled Chris’s desire to work with someone who pursued the full value of a client’s losses through litigation.

Fortunately, upon graduating from law school, Chris’s wish came true. He returned to his hometown of Lubbock and secured a position as an associate attorney at a local firm known for its trial-heavy workload. In his first two years as a lawyer, Chris had the opportunity to try a total of eleven cases, including a complex case with seventeen plaintiffs in federal court.

These early experiences as a litigator allowed Chris to gain invaluable courtroom experience. “It was a steep learning curve, but the best way to learn is by doing,” said Chris.

As part of his responsibilities at the firm, Chris hired law clerks to help manage the workload. It was during this period that he hired Jonathan, who was halfway through law school at Texas Tech. Jonathan’s dedication and skills led him to clerk for Chris’s firm for a year.

Once Jonathan graduated and moved on, Chris focused on practicing personal injury law in Lubbock for the next two decades.

Then, an exciting opportunity arose. After keeping in touch for years, Jonathan suggested that Chris join him at his firm, Daniel Stark. The years of professional camaraderie and shared experiences with Jonathan led him to seize the opportunity.

In 2014, Chris made the life-changing decision to join Daniel Stark, prompting him and his family to relocate from Lubbock to Bryan, Texas. Since joining the team, Chris has been entrusted with handling some of our firm’s most complex and high-value cases.

According to Chris, joining Daniel Stark was the best decision he ever made.

“When I first joined, we had six or seven attorneys. Now, Daniel Stark has 40 attorneys,” Chris explained. “As Daniel Stark grew, so did the complexity and magnitude of our cases. This helped me to continuously evolve and grow my legal skills.”

Chris is a powerhouse when it comes to fighting for his clients. Chris’s experience in personal injury law and his innate leadership abilities make him a strong guiding force for our team.

We are beyond grateful for Chris’s role in shaping Daniel Stark. With him, we know our clients are in capable hands.