Meet Cory Smith, a litigation attorney at Daniel Stark.

Cory is responsible for building cases that go to trial and presenting our clients’ unique stories in court. With his courtroom skills and ability to connect with clients on a personal level, Cory has successfully handled some of our most complex cases. He is a valuable member of our team and has even argued in front of the Texas Supreme Court.

When he’s not dreaming of sushi, Cory can be found golfing, playing ping pong, or planning his next hiking trip.

Originally from Houston, Texas, he studied finance and real estate at Southern Methodist University before deciding to attend law school at the University of Texas in Austin.

“Before law school, I hadn’t considered a career as a lawyer,” said Cory. “It’s okay to not have a clear direction in your legal career. Countless experiences will shape your path, and it’s impossible to predict what will resonate with you.”

Cory advises aspiring lawyers to explore the possibilities that law school offers. For example, during his time in law school, Cory discovered a passion for participating in mock trials. Whether he was competing within his own school or traveling to face other schools, Cory found himself drawn to trying cases in court.

Cory’s success in mock trial led him to volunteer as a coach for young attorneys in mock trial programs. This passion continues in his current role at Daniel Stark, where he mentors and equips young lawyers with the skills needed to excel in the courtroom.

After graduating law school, Cory worked for one of the largest plaintiff’s firms in Austin, gaining trial experience from day one. Cory quickly realized that crafting a client’s unique story and building a case from the ground up required skills that law school just didn’t teach. Luckily, Cory himself had a great set of mentors from which to learn.  

Cory eventually ran his own solo practice for several years. Throughout his career, Cory maintained a close connection with Chris Carver, a former law school classmate and mock trial partner. When Chris’s firm, Daniel Stark, needed skilled attorneys, Cory was invited to join the team. With Cory’s expertise, Daniel Stark was a natural fit, allowing him to bring his wealth of experience to even larger cases.

One of the aspects Cory enjoys most about his work is getting to know his clients on a personal level. “Their stories and experiences before a car wreck shape who they are, and it’s these insights that allow me to see how their entire lives have been impacted,” Cory explained. By taking the time to learn about his clients’ lives beyond their injuries, Cory can provide them with the best possible legal representation.

Cory’s drive and dedication inspires our team to craft each client’s unique story, accounting for all their injuries, losses, and pain. Building a case from scratch is no easy task, but Cory has proven time and time again that he is up for the challenge, fighting to recover the full value our clients deserve to get their lives back to normal.