Meet Jonathan Stark, Partner and co-founder of Daniel Stark.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Jonathan moved to Dallas at a young age and spent his formative years in West Texas. He attended junior high and high school in Lubbock, Texas.

Jonathan’s commitment to fighting against insurance bullies stems from a deeply ingrained sense of justice. At age five, he fearlessly stood up to older boys who were picking on his little brother. 

“I got into a few fights growing up, mainly because I saw someone else being picked on,” said Jonathan. “I’ve always had a strong sense of standing up for others, even before becoming a lawyer. I am passionate about advocating for the underdog no matter the context.”

In high school, Jonathan’s stepmother enrolled him in debate classes to put his arguing skills to use. Initially hesitant, Jonathan discovered his passion for debate and realized it could pave the way for a career in law.

After meeting his wife at Odessa Jr. College, where they were paired as debate partners, Jonathan made his way to College Station to study at Texas A&M University.

Driven by his love for numbers and entrepreneurial spirit, Jonathan approached his future with an open mind and pursued a degree in accounting. He had been involved in various business ventures from a young age, including using his mother’s spoons to pull weeds from his neighbor’s flower beds as a kid.

Jonathan received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Texas A&M before attending law school at Texas Tech University.

At an event held for prospective law students, Jonathan crossed paths with Danny Daniel, the other co-founder of Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers.

During his law school years at Texas Tech, Jonathan quickly bonded with Danny due to their shared love for outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, and working on trucks. Jonathan fondly recalled, “Danny was the only redneck there other than me.” Their mutual appreciation for the outdoors fostered a deep friendship.

Jonathan planned to specialize in corporate tax law. However, after enrolling in a corporate tax class, he found it unfulfilling. Everything changed in his first year when he took a torts class. Torts introduced the fundamental principles of personal injury law, which fit perfectly with his passion for advocating for vulnerable individuals.

Jonathan soon worked at a law firm that dealt with a low volume of cases but handled higher value and more complex litigation. Meanwhile, Danny worked with a lawyer who specialized in a high volume of car wreck claims quickly without litigation.

While attending law school, they often discussed starting a law firm together. They realized early on that their combined backgrounds could create a unique partnership. Their vision was to take on a high volume of cases, while still having the resources to handle larger, more complex cases that required litigation. This ability to handle diverse cases set Daniel Stark apart from other firms.

Jonathan and Danny aimed to make Daniel Stark a firm committed to handling cases with genuine care. Our team prioritizes client well-being and seeks attorneys motivated by humility and a desire to help rather than ego or greed. This approach not only allows us to assist our clients better, but also fosters a more enjoyable work environment.

Jonathan’s dedication to serving others and fighting insurance bullies has shaped his journey as a compassionate and driven attorney. As the co-founder of Daniel Stark, he has made a remarkable impact on the communities we serve. Jonathan sets a high standard for our team, instilling in us a shared passion for advocating for our clients. With him and Danny leading the way, we’re thrilled to keep making a difference in the lives of those we represent.