Meet Kristin Farrack, our Business Development Attorney.

Kristin is a remarkable go-getter and a highly valued leader on our team. Her business development role involves managing both our inbound and outbound referrals, building and nurturing strong referral relationships, overseeing all our Business-to-Business marketing, and ensuring our advertising efforts comply with state bar regulations. 

However, Kristin’s busy schedule doesn’t stop her from enjoying outdoor activities and thrilling adventures! Born and raised in Houston, her childhood was filled with boating, jet skiing, and fishing at Lake Conroe. Kristin’s family also has a deep connection to the Houston Rodeo, and she has fond memories of attending every rodeo event at the Astrodome as a kid. These days, Kristin enjoys the outdoors with Scout, her beloved springer spaniel, by her side.

Legal work runs in Kristin’s family. Her grandfather was a state judge, both her parents were court reporters, and several of her aunts and uncles held court coordinator positions in Harris County. Following in their footsteps, Kristin pursued law after completing her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M. She studied at South Texas College of Law, passed the bar exam, and soon joined the Daniel Stark team in our Bryan office.

After spending a year serving clients in the Bryan area, Kristin decided to make the move to our Austin office. She served clients in the Austin area for six years before moving into a full-time role in business development, where she could apply her remarkable skills in relationship building across all markets.

With Danny and Jonathan’s guidance and the team’s support, Kristin learned the ins and outs of business development and thrived in her new role. Over time, her job grew and evolved, which she finds incredibly fulfilling. 

She advises new attorneys to find a mentor who can teach them practical aspects of the legal industry and practicing law. According to Kristin, there’s no better way to learn.

Kristin firmly believes that Daniel Stark’s culture sets us apart. Having worked at several other firms before joining our team, she can attest that our culture is unique.

“We have so much compassion for our clients,” said Kristin. “We care about our clients’ entire wellbeing during every single step of the legal process.”

According to Kristin, our ability to tell our clients’ stories is what makes us special. We understand that each client has their own unique story to tell, and we strive to share that story with the world. By getting to know our clients on a more personal level, we’re able to fight for our clients and protect them from insurance bullies.

Kristin was shocked to discover the tactics insurance companies use in personal injury cases. Her biggest surprise was how often they try to swindle injured clients by pushing for immediate settlements.

Kristin believes this approach does a great disservice to clients, as it deprives them of the chance to fully recognize, treat, and heal from their injuries.

Fortunately, at Daniel Stark, we are committed to fighting for our clients and getting their lives back to normal. Kristin is grateful to Danny and Jonathan, our founders, for providing guidance and support throughout her time with us. 

Kristin’s driven personality has made a significant impact on our referral cases and business-to-business marketing. Her commitment to getting clients the full value they deserve is evident in all that she does, and we are proud to have her on our team!