Meet Mark Cannon, a litigation attorney at Daniel Stark. Mark handles all aspects of preparing and prosecuting cases for trial. He is committed to advocating for our clients and fights to help them get the full value of their injuries.

Born and raised in Plano, Texas, Mark has fond memories of being a skater kid. He spent hours doing BMX tricks on skateboards and bikes with his brother. Now, Mark’s current passion is cars. He and his son attend car shows together, travel to buy new vehicles, and Mark’s office at Daniel Stark is adorned with almost 500 mini Volkswagen bug toys collected over 25 years. Working in a mentally demanding job, Mark finds joy in getting his hands dirty, smelling the oil, and fixing things. “Playing with anything powered by an engine is my ultimate stress release,” said Mark.

In his freshman year of high school, Mark’s family resided in Germany, sparking his passion for history. As a result, when Mark pursued his undergraduate studies at Texas Tech in Lubbock, he earned a degree in History with a minor in English. Mark’s lifelong dream was to become a police officer, which he planned to pursue after graduating.

However, life took an unexpected turn for Mark during his senior year of college. While at a shooting range with his father to practice for his Department of Public Safety (DPS) tests, someone unexpectedly fired a shot near Mark when he wasn’t wearing hearing protection. This incident resulted in a permanent 70% hearing loss in one ear, preventing him from meeting the physical requirements to join DPS. Just 45 days away from college graduation, Mark’s dream of becoming a state trooper was abruptly shattered.

He found himself searching for jobs outside his field, eventually becoming a forklift driver in a warehouse to meet his financial needs. Mark wanted to find another path that could still bring him close to law enforcement, something that allowed him to serve and protect vulnerable individuals. That’s when he realized that going to law school and becoming a prosecutor could fulfill that desire.

Law was not just a career choice for Mark; it was his chance to make a difference, to uphold what he believed was right and fair. He applied to Texas Tech for law school to pursue his legal education, focusing on criminal law, including advanced courses on death penalty law. His studies deepened his sense of justice, and he even considered joining the FBI.

During law school, Mark was classmates and friends with Jonathan Stark and Danny Daniel, Daniel Stark’s future co-founders and Partners. Mark, Jonathan, and Danny stayed in touch for over 20 years after graduating.

Mark’s first job in the legal field was an assistant district attorney in Smith County, where he started his career as a misdemeanor prosecutor, quickly moving up to handle felony cases.

“Just one day after being sworn in by a local judge, I was assigned as the sole prosecutor in the county court,” said Mark. “I had only been licensed as a lawyer for 11 hours, and I was already selecting juries. I learned so much so fast, but talk about baptism by fire.”

Though initially nerve-wracking, Mark recommends starting a career in law at a prosecutor’s office. “It’s an incredible way to jumpstart your career, gain trial experience, and determine if the courtroom is where you belong. It immediately throws you into the action,” Mark explained. “Working as a prosecutor lets you learn from seasoned lawyers who have been in the field for decades.”

After two years at the district attorney’s office, Mark was referred by a judge to a local civil firm.

Transitioning into personal injury law shocked Mark at first. Coming from a criminal law background, the emotional aspect of personal injury law differed greatly. In criminal cases, defendants are often seen as foolish or malicious. However, in personal injury cases, it’s often a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, with victims punished by circumstances beyond their control.

The most shocking part of Mark’s new position was seeing how a severe injury can drastically alter someone’s life. “One moment they’re just doing their job, or driving down the street — something they’ve done countless times. Then they get injured, and their life changes forever,” said Mark.

Mark spent the next 18 years specializing in general civil defense.

One day, Mark received a call from Jonathan Stark.

Jonathan offered Mark the opportunity to work together at Daniel Stark. Mark accepted without hesitation, excited for a chance to handle complex personal injury cases. After visiting the firm, Mark instantly knew that it was where he wanted to be. In January 2021, he officially joined our team, and Mark says the experience has been remarkable ever since.

According to Mark, Daniel Stark’s dedication to prioritizing clients sets us apart from other law firms. Mark emphasizes that we deeply care about our clients, treating them as individuals rather than mere numbers or files. Mark has witnessed legal assistants shedding tears because they genuinely care about the people they serve.

This commitment to making a positive impact on our clients aligns with Mark’s values and reminds him of his days as a prosecutor. Through Daniel Stark, he has the opportunity to help those who have suffered injuries regain control of their lives, which brings him immense satisfaction.

Mark draws inspiration from the stories of his clients, particularly those who refuse to give up despite facing adversity. He admires clients who find creative solutions to work and live despite challenges caused by an injury. Their unwavering spirit motivates him to be stronger and more determined in his own life.

We love having Mark on our team. With his unique background in criminal law and compassionate spirit, he helps us serve our clients with care and motivates us to fight against big insurance bullies.