Meet Will Davis, our Chief Legal Officer.

When Will started at Daniel Stark, he was hired as the only litigation lawyer in the firm. 13 years later, he’s leading a team of over 30 talented lawyers. Looking back, Will says, “It doesn’t feel like that long ago.”

Will grew up in Abilene, Texas. When he wasn’t spending time with his friends, he was making memories on his family’s ranch. Fun fact – although they didn’t begin dating until law school, Will met his wife in kindergarten.

A few years into his legal career, Will came to work at Daniel Stark. Besides the partners, Danny and Jonathan, only three other lawyers were working for the firm. He’s been here living out our core purpose ever since.

When asked about his favorite parts of the job, Will talks about his passion for helping others after an injury. The biggest challenge that he sees with clients is the way that their lives have been disrupted.

“Whether someone is in college, starting their family, or working towards an early retirement, their injury interrupts their life in a major way. You don’t want to meet people under these circumstances, but getting to know them and guiding them through this tough stretch of their lives is the most rewarding part of the job.”

Will laughs and mentions how on his law license it says, “attorney and counselor.” He never imagined that he’d spend so much of his time in the counselor role, but he loves every minute of it.

When talking to his clients, Will often stresses the power of positivity. “It’s important to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he says. “If you don’t believe that things will get better, your recovery is going to be much harder. Remaining positive, even in the worst of situations, is incredibly important.”

In his new role as Chief Legal Officer, Will spends less of his time in the courtroom with clients and more time mentoring our legal team. He leads and supports our rapidly growing team of attorneys alongside Danny and Jonathan. “We’ve hired more lawyers in the last month than we had when I started here,” he jokes.

During his spare time, Will’s family and hobbies keep him active. A father of two, Will spends the majority of his time away from the office with his family. Whether hiking, biking, or catching the latest A&M sporting event, they’re always up to something. On the rare occasion that he finds time to himself, you’ll probably catch him on the golf course.

Few team members have been at the firm longer than Will. He’s a remarkable lawyer, a great husband and father, and a wonderful friend. Thanks for everything you do, Will!