On Saturday, Sept. 24, our firm partnered with Texas AgriLife Extension Service Passenger Safety Project, the College Station Medical Center, and the Texas Department of Transportation to conduct free child safety seat checks at the College Station Medical Center.

Out of the 93 child safety seat inspections completed, none of the children arriving to the event were correctly restrained. The event also resulted in 49 new seats being issued to parents, and 26 old or unsafe seats were thrown away.

The proper use of child safety seats reduces the risk of injury and death, leading to reduced medical costs, avoidance of lost future earnings, and improved quality of life. These economic benefits are an estimated $1,988 per child age 0 to 4 and $2,347 per child age 4 to 7 for new seats distributed, and $558 per child for seat misuse with an assumed 75 percent continued use. Based on this formula, the total economic impact for the 93 inspections at this event is $95,729.

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