January 3, 2012

What is the biggest problem facing those hoping to eradicate drunk driving from America’s highways? One common answer that is supported by research is that most intoxicated individuals don’t think they are drunk.

A new application for smartphones hopes to give drinkers a more precise way to measure their blood alcohol content. YNN News reported yesterday that the app, called Drink Tracker Breathalyzer, records and tracks the drinks you have had throughout the evening and figures your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on information such as height, weight, sex, age, and metabolic removal rate.

The application can be downloaded for $1.99 and is easy to use. Drinkers will first enter all their personal information into the system to create a profile. Then as the night goes on, touch screen buttons will allow you to record and track the number of drinks you have had. The app updates your BAC every sixty seconds and even offers a timer to let you know how long it will be before you reach a target BAC low enough to drive.

While the app offers a somewhat quantifiable way of measuring your blood alcohol content, it is not exact. The Texas auto accident attorneys with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers say that the safest bet is to not drink at all before driving. If you have been drinking, it is best to just take a cab home rather than risk your life and the lives of those around you.