Over the years, we’ve met a lot of Texas drivers who truly regret the accidents they caused. Because of a single lapse of concentration or judgment, they changed the lives of the other driver forever. As personal injury lawyers, we usually represent the injured driver and fight to get them maximum compensation for their injuries. Though we can appreciate the at-fault driver’s regret, it doesn’t change the fact that our client has been seriously injured and deserves to be compensated for those injuries.

However, we’ve also spoken with a number of accident victims who have regret as well, especially those who decided to handle their injury claim on their own. They thought it would be easier to simply take the insurance company’s first offer and move on with their lives. In theory, it seems reasonable. After all, getting a quick check seems better than fighting for a larger settlement. That is, until the money runs out, and you’re left holding all the bills.

That’s why we recommend that every person in Bryan, Austin, Waco, or anywhere else in Texas who has been injured in a car accident call a lawyer. Many firms, including Daniel Stark, offer free consultations, so there is no risk involved in getting advice as to what your next steps should be. At Daniel Stark, we get calls all the time from accident victims just needing answers to questions they can’t find elsewhere. We’re always happy to answer those questions free of charge. Isn’t it worth a phone call to avoid a regret that could negatively impact your family’s financial future? We think so.