Most folks have the wrong impression of personal injury law. They think that bringing a lawsuit to settle an injury claim is what you do when you want revenge. But in our experience, most folks who file an injury claim lawsuit aren’t concerned with getting even—they just need help.

After a serious accident, there’s not a lot you can do for yourself. You’re injured, unable to work, and need to focus on your recovery. That’s why so many folks take the insurance company’s first offer even when they know it’s not enough. They don’t have the strength to fight for what they deserve, so they take what they can get. Unfortunately, that one mistake can have financial ramifications that impact the rest of their lives.

At Daniel Stark, we defend the rights of accident victims who turn to us for help. We know how much a serious accident can cost a family, and we work very hard to minimize that impact by maximizing our clients’ claims. That means dealing with the insurance company on their behalf. It means fighting for lost wages, current and future medical expenses, and compensation for pain and suffering. And it means being there for the victim and their family every step of the way.