The law states that veterans of the United States armed forces are entitled to medical care and other benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). However, a new report is showing the VA and it’s  veterans disability benefits program are plagued by “significant and chronic system failures.”

The report examined the care 8.8 million American veterans received at more than 1,700 health care facilities across the nation. It concluded more than 25 percent of whistleblower cases involving the federal government stem from issues with the VA’s services. Furthermore, there are currently more than 50 cases of the VA threatening patients’ health and safety now under review.

KBTX News also explains that the amount of time veterans have to wait to receive insufficient services. While the VA has a goal of getting veterans in need of medical care an appointment within 14 days, as many as 10 percent wait longer than one month for medical care. Another 56,000 veterans wait longer than three months to see doctors, while more than 46,000 others never receive care for conditions related to military service.

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