Several months ago, Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata Corporation announced it was recalling millions of vehicles due to defects in its safety devices. The car product liability lawyers at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers explain that in response to the recall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently held a meeting to discuss how the problem would be solved.

Recently, it was announced that there isn’t enough manpower to repair the estimated 24 million vehicles that need airbags to be replaced. One innovative method officials are considering is allowing non-dealer certified repair shops to help install the necessary replacement airbags.

The meeting came just a day after The New York Times released an article stating that the 2015 Takata airbag recall may soon be expanded. Investigators have shown that side airbags in certain vehicles can also rupture when activated. Researchers believe the chemical propellant used in the faulty airbags may be to blame.

Protecting the health and safety of all motorists is a passion that each member of Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers shares. That’s why our Texas personal injury lawyers are hopeful the actions taken to correct the problems with Takata airbags will help prevent injuries.