November 13, 2012

With the first fatality having occurred along Texas’ new toll road with a record-breaking speed limit, many citizens are concerned for the safety of those who travel the road. The Houston Chronicle points out some are so worried for their safety that they are calling for a boycott of the road.

Texas opened Toll Road 130 on October 24 with a posted speed limit for motorists of 85 mph, the highest legal speed allowed on public roads in the United States. The first fatal Texas Car Accident to occur on the road happened just two and a half weeks later on Sunday, November 11 at around 1:45 p.m. near the US 183 onramp connected to Toll Road 130.

Reports indicate the car accident happened when the 60-year-old driver of a Honda Civic sedan, from Lockhart, was struck by a Chevrolet Tahoe, being driven by a 49-year-old woman, as the car merged onto the new stretch of highway. The impact of the collision killed the driver of the Honda, while the driver and a passenger in the Tahoe sustained serious injuries and were airlifted to a local hospital.

The Austin Personal Injury Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers would like to remind motorists that posted speed limits do not necessarily mean “drive this fast”. A motorist should only travel at speeds which are safe and the driver is comfortable with.