Whether you’re taking care of yourself or raising a family, your job and your career are serious matters. You worked hard to get to the position you’re in, and you expect your employer to respect your experience, your skills, and your work ethic.

Unfortunately, employers don’t always treat workers like you fairly. At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, our Texas employment law attorneys know that hard workers in the Lone Star State are subject to unfair, unethical, and even illegal employment practices every day.

If you were mistreated by your employer, there’s a good chance it was in violation of a state or federal law, including:

  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 – This federal law prevents employers from discriminating against workers due to their age. Ageism is all too common among employers in certain industries, and it can result in workers being denied promotions or even terminated.
  • Texas Payday Law – Whether you worked as an hourly or salaried employee, Texas law supports your right to be paid for the work you did, even if you were just laid off. The Texas Payday Law requires that employers pay out final paychecks within six calendar days of workers being discharged from their jobs.

There are many other important laws, statutes, and acts that protect you on the job. Our legal team knows both state and federal employment laws inside and out, and we know how to get maximum compensation for wronged workers like you. Call today for a free consultation.