January 7, 2014

Each year hundreds of thousands of United States citizens suffer serious brain injuries as the result of trauma to the head. That’s why getting proper treatment for such injuries is vital, considering data shows 50 percent of “second impact syndrome” incidents, a brain injury caused from a premature return to activity after suffering initial injury (concussion), result in death.

The Texas Brain Injury Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers explain a new study has shown getting plenty of cognitive rest may be the key to recovering from brain injuries.

A story from KVUE News stated researchers examined 335 cases of brain injuries reported in patients between the ages of 8- and 23-years-old. Patients who reported engaging in higher levels of cognitive activity, such as playing video games, doing homework, and text messaging, reported longer recuperation times than those who rested their brains. On average, those who engaged in more cognitive activity reported healing times of around 100 days, compared to the 25 days of those who got plenty of rest.

The study only scratches the surface of just how dangerous not properly caring for a serous brain injury can be. Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers’ team of Texas Personal Injury Attorneys is hopeful the study’s findings will be used to raise awareness of these risks.